Frederic St-Arnaud

Frederic St-Arnaud

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First Name * Frederic
Last Name * St-Arnaud
Username * Starno
Country * Canada
Nationality Canadian
Languages English





Hi, my name is Frederic St-Arnaud. I was born in the small town of Victoriaville,
Quebec, Canada in 1976. Interested in art from a young age, I started
to draw bedore I reached my teens. After two years studying Fine Arts and
one year of Communication Arts, I worked on many theatre plays and exhibited
my paintings during this time. In 1997 I was amitted into a 3D animation School
in Montreal for an 2D and 3D Animation program.

At the end of my studies I worked as a Storyboard artist for
a time moving on to Character Animation for several TV Series and
commercials. Currently, I am lead matte-painter at the visual effects
compagny Digital, which combines my three big passions:
cinema, computers ans arts.

You can know more on my website here:

Frederic St-Arnaud


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